I'm Excited

I've been building lenses on an online service called Squidoo and am just about to break into the top 100 I have over a hundred lenses but the one that looks like its going to break into the gold is called Foreclosure Bargains.


Island Web Changes

I've put Island Web through some dramatic changes recently.

FREE Stuff on the Web Site

This is a site I am building with all kinds of free offers, free samples, free trials and you name it at no cost. Check it out at FREE Stuff at Squidoo


My Lenses on Sqidoo!

I've been busy creating "Lenses" on an web community called "Squidoo." Lenses are webpages that focus on a particular area of expertise that the lens maker wants to share with the public. In my case, I know a little about a lot of things (and a lot about a few). I made a bunch of lenses. This is my group page which shows a lot but not all of the lenses. Some of the lenses that have got somewhat popular include

And a whole lot more ...

I'll write more about Squidoo in upcoming posts