My New Blogs Using Wordpress

As Readers know, my major blogs use Typepad a hosted form of Movable Type. But I've spent a bit of time learning to use Blogger and Wordpress the past six months. You can read about how much I learned about Blogger in my two part article 10 Steps to Becoming a Webmaster the Google Way Absolutely FREE Part 1 and 10 Steps to Becoming a Webmaster the Google Way Absolutely FREE Part 2 Cashflow-for-Life reviews different methods of setting up a lifetime stream of income so you can do what you want in life. Top-Webmaster-Tools reviews technology and services available for improving your website. SelfImprovementSites features posts about self improvement and personal development techniques, technologies, software and ideas. Things You Can't Live Without BrainTrainingGym examines the new area of brain training and mind enhancement. Things You Can't Live Without is my first Wordpress blog with randowm notes

I Changed Island Again

I took drupal and the forum off of Island I am using the hyperseek based links Counterculture Guide as the home page and the Island Marketplace Amazon Store as the Marketplace. I put in references to the best ofold material like the Island Electrozine and Thoughts about Huxley So far it is working better than the fancy Drupal community and Simple Macinee forum which nobody used despite all the work I did on it.