Samsung Nexus GT-i9250 Phone Blog

The new Android 4 that Google is serving up is ready mixed with Ice Cream Sandwich int the new phone from Samsung, the Nexus Prime also code named gt-i9250.

That is also the name of the blog on Squidoo called GT-i9250 Galaxy Nexus.

I also started a website with the same name GT-i9250 here.


Vision Thing Bruce Eisner's Blog

Below the Bruce Eisner's Journal are the other sites of bruceeisner.com Historically the most popular is Bruce Eisner's Vision Thing which has been renamed Vision Thing: Bruce Eisner's Blog. Vision thing began as Brain Flashes back in January 2003. In those days, if you bought a premium Blogger membership, you could point your domain at your blogger site. This was that site. However, when Google bought Blogger, they did away with premium memberships for Blogger and so I migrated to Typepad. Now I have moved once again and am using Wordpress.

The New Bruceeisner.com patt 1

The new bruceeisner.com is actually seven tits on my domain. Each of them has a seperate Wordpress installation and I have done my best to get them to work together. They do not uss Wordpress mutlisite but are actually separate installations. This takes more work on my end as I have update each of their themes and plug-ins seperatly but currently multisite-site is a bit buggy so I would prefer not to have to worry about them. At the top (or more accuratly the root) of the ring of sites is The Bruce Eisner Journal. It the Bruce Eisner Journal blog which will be an eclectic mix of what is going on in my life from day to day as well as news on new content added to the book site Memes for the Creation of a New Culture


Using Google Plas

My new magasite on Squidoo is Using Google Plus +
It describes many features of the new social network as well as how to get invited.